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The first few steps down the road to a new real estate wholesaler business are some of the most important you’ll ever take in your life. That’s why I decided to start 1-on-1 coaching and make it more than just a bullshit program. So I Invented a True 1-on-1 Coaching and Mentoring Program! #ShutUpMoney Coaching!
I have a Coaching Program designed for you and your future!
an Affordable 1-on-1 Real Estate Wholesaler Coach or Mentor?
You dream of having
and positive life change?
  • 1-on-1 Personal coaching calls with me. I NEVER outsource you to someone else!
  • My Coaching Plan is Aimed at Getting YOU to Your #ShutUpMoney. I will Instruct You Stage by Stage, Step by Step. I Will Assign Homework!
  • Need Leads? I'll Show YOU how to get them cheap, and on demand. How Cheap? Start with a Marketing Budget < $100/ mth! We Develop of Marketing Plan you can DO, and we do it Together!
  • I will Teach You Exactly What to Say to Home Owners to get deals and be an EXPERT Wholesaler!
  • and most important — My personal support and attention at every stage of your process. YOU have a goal, and we will work towards that goal together, One Step At a Time!
Why I'm Different
Step By Step Coaching Designed to Help You Through Each Stage of Getting Started and Building a Real Estate Wholesaler Business. 

Here's the #ShutUpMoney Coaching Stages Justin will Coach you Through:
  • Stage S: Study the "Theory" and Get Confident in the Process!
  • Stage H: Have the Right Tools to do the Job 
  • Stage U: Understanding the Seller Phone Call and Getting Deals
  • Stage T: Take Your Deal to The Streets (Marketing for Buyers)
  • Stage U: Unite Your Seller and Buyer = Getting Paid
  • Stage P: Prepare to Repeat and Outsource

Here's What You'll Have Access to: 

1. You'll Receive (2) Private Mentoring ZOOM Sessions with Justin Every Month  30 Minutes Each (RECORDED so you can REPLAY as often as you Want)
    a. Role Playing Seller and Tenant / Buyer Calls
    b. 3 Way Calls with Seller Leads and Tenant / Buyers

2. You'll Have Access to Justin's Private Client Scheduling System

3. You'll Have Unlimited Facebook Messaging with Justin (Friend Access)

4. You'll Have Unlimited Ability to Email Questions to Justin

5. You'll Have 100% Access to Justin's Private Facebook Messenger VIP  ACCOUNTABILITY Group Chatroom and Weekly Group Video Call Q&A

6. You'll Have True Emergency Mentoring 15 Minute Phone Calls (limit 2 per month) 

7. You'll Receive DOUBLE PACKAGE #1: 
Outsourced Cowholesale 2.0 & Outsourced Lease Options 2.0

8. You'll Receive BONUS PACKAGE #2: Mastering Calling Sellers and Getting Deals 

9. You'll Receive Justin's Discount and Free Trial for PropStream and other Tools 
1-on-1 #ShutUpMoney Coaching Includes...
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