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Justin Chamness'
Ask Justin. Click Here
Would you like a chance to earn while you learn to become an accomplished creative real estate investor and/or coach? My Apprentice Program is a turn-key opportunity. I'll provide everything you need to launch your new business. Join my "ShutUpMoney Apprentice Team" and I'll include all of my training materials, my tools, my nationwide lead machine, and 1-on-1 mentorship. I could charge $10K for this program. I don't. For what I do charge, I provide everything you need for that money, no upsells. You won't HAVE-TO buy anything else, from anyone. Graduate in 60 days and leave, or stay long term, or become a team coach, or cancel anytime you're ready for any reason. I require no contract locking you in. My personal hope is to build for myself professional future partners for joint venture deals, and future coaches to collaborate with. No one gets rich in this business alone. No one. I'm building an elite unit of professional pretty house investors. Are you one of us? You Decide. Let me know.
Using My ShutUpMoney Process You Can Repeat Over and Over!
I'll Teach You What I Do Every Day That Makes Me a Successful Mulitiple Six Figure Earner!
THE APPRENTICE GOAL: Learn to Get ShutUpMoney in the Next 60+ Days
My Online Study Courses and Contracts Package: (Self Study)
  • Course 1: Six Figures w/ Virtual Lease Options Wholesaling
  • Course 2: Outsourcing Your Lease Option Biz
  • Course 3: Mastering The Phone To Get Property Deals
  • Course 4: Sandwich Lease Options Training School
  • Bonus Mini-Course: Craigslist Free Lead Method
  • BIG BONUS: Ninja Objections Audio Playlist (Workout 20 Minutes)
I'll Include All My Courses and Contracts
Here's What You Get
Private 1-on-1 Mentoring
  • 1 Hour Initial 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Me 
  • 15 Minute Regular Coaching Calls -- Schedule as Needed for Step by Step Training
  • 24/7 Support in My Small Group Facebook Messenger
  • Deal Closing Support: Request Justin 3-Way Call a Motivated Seller Lead With You
I'll Personally Mentor You
My Online Group Coaching: (Small Group Study with Pros)
  • Access My Daily Small Group Training and Accountability Group Meetings with Hosts: Claude Diamond, Arturo Cervantes, Jocelyn Thompson
I'll Include My Private Daily Study Groups
(Always Have Leads - Included)
  • I Will Provide a Duplicate of My Personal Lead Machine So You Can Create Leads on Demand By Texting FSBOs and Prequalifying Them with My "Proprietary" Method
  • I'll Give You 2,000 FSBO Scraped Leads Per Month from My Personal Lead Account
  • Access as a 'Team Member' on My Personal PropStream Account
  • Option to Keep My Lead Machine at Cost When/If You Leave or Graduate the Program
I'll Pay For The Nationwide Leads
Partner With Me to  Sell Your Deals to Tenant / Buyers!:
  • FACT: Justin ONLY Joint Ventures Like This With His Apprentices (with Rare Exceptions)
  • I Will Teach You How to Market Your Own Deal
  • I Will Use My Dispositions Engine to Help Market Your Deal -- Increasing Your Chances of Success
I'll Use My Dispo Engine to Help Sell Your Deals!
"I Provide Everything You Need"
Plan to Go                                                  While the World Goes Bust!
I Will NEVER Outsource You! This is TRUE 1-ON-1 Mentoring with Me
What Qualities I'm Looking For In My  Apprentice s
  1. Positive attitude and outlook
  2. A self-motivated person with a proactive desire to reach personal goals
  3. Willingness to learn and try new things for at least 60+ days
  4. Committed to the coaching process; willing to follow my step by step directions
  5. Open to feedback and constructive criticism; patient and studious
  6. Engaged and willing to participate in sessions with others
  7. Time to invest: You decide. I recommend 5-10 hours a week to work towards your business
  8. A useful computer or laptop with good internet and a headset for phone calls
  9. A smartphone with Facebook app / Messenger
  10. Basic computer and phone skills
Text Me Immediately at My Personal Cell Phone: (Example: "Hey Justin, my name is ____, and I want to be an apprentice.")
Limited Elite Nationwide Apprentice Spots Available.
This Spot Won't Last!!
Can You Afford My Apprentice Program? Maybe. If Not, I'll Personally Finance Serious Apprentices.
When you invest in my apprentice program, you are investing in yourself and your future. I'm committed to helping you reach your goals and maximize your potential. This is why I often take time away from my family and business to give my apprentices individual attention and guidance. My program does cost money, but I make sure to create comfortable financing options for my apprentice program fees. I also understand that there is limited space in my program, so if you are interested in taking part, you should reach out to me today. With my help, you can be on the way to reaching your goals. In short, I want your decision to start the apprentice program to be about your future, not your present cash stash.
How My Apprentice Financing Works!
**There also exists an option to modify the program to better fit your financial, time, and commitment levels.**
... If You're Ready to Meet Justin. Click Here
The Six Stages of My Apprentice Program
Stage 1
Week 1  = Getting started right | Clearing Up Theory ??s

Stage 2:
Week 2  = Introduction to Marketing for Deals | My Lead Machine

Stage 3
Week 3 = Mastering the Phone to Get Property Deals | Making Calls

Stage 4
Weeks 4 & 5 = Getting Confident with Structuring Offers | Contracts

Stage 5
Weeks 6 & 7 = WeWorking with a Professional Dispositions Team

Stage 6
Week 8 = Duplicating Your Experience | Getting ready for Teaching Others, or Deciding to Stay Around. Long-term successful apprentices may be offered an opportunity to work as a Disposition Manager or as an Acquisitions Manager. These long term opportunities dramatically increase your earning potential.
This is a 60 days to 6+ month program. You will be developing knowledge and skills the first couple weeks you’re in the program. Then, it picks up the pace quite a bit… REAL WORLD calling leads, analyzing deals, making offers, drawing up contracts… it’s all going to happen very very soon for you. 
... If You're Ready to Meet Justin. Click Here
What am i hoping to personally gain with this program?
My goal with this program is to create for myself professional future partners for joint venture deals, and future coaches to collaborate with. No one gets rich in this business alone. No one. I'm building an elite unit of professional pretty house investors. Are you one of us? You Decide. Let me know.
Get to your 1st or Next Real Estate Payday!
All Successful Apprentices Receive
My Apprentice Rewards System
My Earnings Disclaimer
The sales figures listed above or in any of my material are my own personal business figures. Please know my results are not typical, i'm not implying you'll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of 20 years of professional real estate and sales experience, and years of walking my talk to achieve these results, and have an established system and following as a result.  The average person who buys any "how-to" information or program takes no action and therefore gets little to no results. I'm using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to... your background, experience, and work ethic. You will likely at least have to learn how to communicate better than you do. I can teach people who are willing to learn and work at learning. All business entails risks as well as massive and consistent effort and correct smart action. If you're not willing to accept that PLEASE DO NOT TAKE PART IN MY OFFERS. Thank You
... If You're Ready to Meet Justin. Click Here
What is "The ShutUpMoney Shortcut" 1-on-1 Apprentice Program?
The ShutUpMoney Shortcut Apprentice Program is designed to help you gain the experience and confidence you need to close your first real estate deal. The program provides personal, one-on-one mentoring from Justin Chamness and access to his extensive real estate network. Justin will work with you to identify motivated leads, and then join you on a call and help you close the deal. The program also includes access to resources such as scripts, templates, and advice from Justin to help you get the most out of your real estate deals. Ask Justin how to partner up with him for "The ShutUpMoney Shortcut"!
My Apprentice Program is Called 
"The ShutUpMoney Shortcut"
My ShutUpMoney Guarantee
Since I believe if you attend at least (1) one private 1-on-1 session with me weekly, attend (2) two group training sessions weekly, generate 15-25 "Yes" homeowner leads using my system weekly, and speak to 3-5 home sellers per day using my script for 60-90+ days, you will recoup your entire investment plus some. In the event this does not occur, I will commit to personally calling leads you generate using my system with you daily until you do get a deal. 
Coach Justin Chamness
"Justin's lease options apprentice program was exactly what I needed to get my real estate business up and running. I was intimidated by the cost, but Justin was willing to work out a plan that made sense for me financially. I'm already seeing deals come from the program and couldn't be happier!" - Karl, age 55
"Having Justin as my real estate mentor is the best decision I've ever made. He took the time to explain the lease options process in a way that was easy to understand and he was willing to find a payment plan that worked for me. I'm so grateful to have access to his knowledge and experience." - Paul, age 33
"Before joining Justin's apprentice program, I was confused and overwhelmed by the concept of lease options. After working with Justin, I feel equipped to confidently handle any situation that comes my way. He was incredibly supportive and willing to work with me to help me get into the program." - Lisa, age 37
"I'm so glad that I found Justin's apprentice program for lease options. He was able to break down the entire process so that I could understand it easily. On top of that, he was willing to finance the program in a way that fit my minimal startup budget. I'm already doing more deals than i did before with less stress." - David, age 32
"I'm so thankful to have found Justin's apprentice program. He was able to answer all of my questions and explain the process in a way that made sense. On top of that, he was willing to let me put a small down payment and small monthly plan together. I'll pay him off sharing my first deal. Exactly what i wanted! Why aren't all coaches this way?" - Ellen, age 47
Justin is called "The People's Coach" 
... If You're Ready to Meet Justin. Click Here
"My Students Results Speak For Themselves."
"I Believe in 1-on-1 Apprenticeship... It's truly THE ONLY way to Master the Skills You Need to Be Successful."
... If You're Ready to Meet Justin. Click Here
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$$ Here's More of My Students Getting Deals $$
... If You're Ready to Meet Justin. Click Here